Gamma Line - Power

Spring 2014

Frater Dark Shadow aka Tech Carfield


Zeta Line - The Light

Summer 2015

Frater Precision aka Aubrey Ricci Sr




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Eta Line - Wolf Pack

Fall 2015

Frater Decisive aka Novably Black

Frater Wrath aka SIre Duke Klimaxx

Frater Steady aka Esteban Escobar




Theta Line - Sphinx

Spring 2016

Frater Nonchalant aka Judas Dorian

Frater Allegiance aka Victor Devon




Kappa Line - Transformation

Spring 2017

Frater Wise aka Alucard801




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Lambda Line - Awakening

Spring 2018

Frater Logic aka Vexiin Takeda




Nu Line - Apocalypse

Fall 2018

Frater Tranquil aka  Itinsley

Frater Methodical aka Basiliusbeau




Xi Line - Creation 

Spring 2019

Frater Conviction aka Idjae




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Omicron Line - Seeker 

Fall 2019

Frater Stoic aka Honcho




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Pi Line - Surge 

Spring 2020

Frater Vigilant aka shad504

Frater Resolute aka bhampagnepapi




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